Sustainable Energy Utility Model

in Aug 08, 2018

Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited is now entering into the energy and multi utility infrastructure asset ownership market.

We will specialise in the sale and delivery of sustainable innovative energy solutions. Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited will provide design, build, contract and project management capability, with the assets being owned and operated by Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited.  Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited will provide a one-stop-shop bringing all the necessary skills and knowledge together, installing the energy plant, heat network, gas supply and electricity export connection to the grid.

This integrated approach delivers benefits from the design stage through to installation.  The infrastructure is delivered at a strategic level, with off site reinforcement built in and the enabling site plant installed.  The site networks are then extended as required and buildings plugged in.

Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited include installation of the energy centre and setting up the Energy Services Company (ESCo).  Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited will invest in the energy plant and all site networks, reducing the cost to the developer.

The district energy model separates supply (ESCo / energy centre) and distribution (heat network). Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited will own and invest in the district heating network.  The model is unique as developers have the option to invest in the ESCo, which is fully managed by Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited.

Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited will extend this model to the retrofit / local authority market.  This is a catalyst in helping communities become sustainable through the delivery of low carbon heat.  Heat networks distribute heat from a complete variety of sources.  Networks can build up separately and then be linked to form a city wide solution.

By owning the ESCo the local authority has control over customer heat charges.  This can help address fuel poverty through a ‘not for profit’ ESCo approach. Equally, some local authorities support a more balanced ‘reasonable profits’ approach offering fair heat prices and the ability to use surplus operating profits from the ESCo to support other essential council services. Local authorities can select their preferred ownership route for the ESCo based on the needs of the local community and their social and political drivers.

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