Horizontal Direction Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling

The design and size of our rigs allows us to access jobs that other drill companies cannot do. Our unique hybrid rigs require a compact set up area and small entry and exit excavation. We also have our higher capability rig for larger projects such as network links and roads.

Specialist Drilling Engineers


There won’t be many problems we haven’t seen before – we’ll present our solution to your project.


Once the plans are signed off our engineers will take care of the digging and drilling quickly and efficiently.


Each project overseen by Operations Manager to ensure that our quality standards remain exceptional.

Our Machines

Introducing a new direction in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) — the versatile D40x55 S3 offers premium performance, class-leading cycle times and a variety of drill rod options, making it well-suited to variety of applications – from long fiber shots to light pipeline work.

5500 ft-lb Rotational Torque From Long Fibre to Pipeline Work With 40,000 lb (177.9 kN) of thrust and pullback and 5500 ft-lb (7457 Nm) of rotational torque — a 10% increase over its predecessor (D36x50 Series II) — the D40x55 S3 helps maximize jobsite productivity.

Working With Innovative

We have worked on several contracts requiring precision drills on major projects such as Scottish and Wales Water, as well as dozens of smaller contracts throughout the UK.

Underground installations

Our Horizontal Directional Drills can be used for a huge range of underground installations. We work with major contractors and companies directly to carry out their underground pipe, cable and ducting installations quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption.

We can take care of the whole process, from start to finish, including searches, plans, license to bury cable underground, drilling, installation and reinstatement.