Health and Safety

It is the policy of Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited to accord the greatest importance to the health, safety and welfare of its employees, customers and the communities in which it carries out its operational activities. The purpose of the policy is to facilitate the following objectives:

  • Generally maintain the wellbeing of all employees and others affected by our work
  • Accident prevention

To achieve a high standard of health and safety the Company has introduced a pro-active approach that encourages and supports continuous improvement by:

  • Establishing the standards, controls and facilities which enable and promote the company’s Health and Safety Policy
  • Measuring and reporting on performance
  • Setting improvement targets
  • Rewarding achievement

Maintaining high standards of health and safety is regarded as a key business objective, and by contributing towards this employees are supporting the Company’s aim of achieving business excellence.

Environmental Policy

Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited recognises and accepts our responsibilities to limit our effect on, protect, and where possible, enhance the environment.

The senior management of Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited have systematically evaluated the environmental risks and concerns associated with our activities. It has established procedures for the setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets.

Management systems have been adopted that aim to protect the environment and minimise the disruption brought about by the nature of the works we undertake.

Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited will maintain awareness of, and are committed to ensuring compliance with, relevant environmental legislation and regulations and any other requirements or obligations to which we commit ourselves.

Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited will measure and monitor environmental performance and are committed, where practical, to continual improvement and the prevention of pollution.

Quality Policy

Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited conducts its business with the aim of being the provider and employer of choice. To achieve this, our efforts are focused on establishing and achieving objectives based on the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders.

We define stakeholders and our duties towards them as:

We will assess their requirements and deliver a service consistent with that assessment. We will measure the effectiveness of the delivered service and ensure that it continues to meet expectations.

Policies and Procedures

Clients customers:
An intrinsic element of the nature of work undertaken on behalf of clients is the need to consider and respect the users of the client’s services. In general terms, we aspire to conduct our business as though we were an integral part of the client’s organisation and adopt or enhance their corporate beliefs and standards. Wherever acceptable and appropriate we will enter into partnership arrangements with the aim of formalising such an integrated approach.

We will develop and maintain a culture in which all employees will be encouraged to achieve personal and organisational goals.
Additionally, we will ensure that systems are established and maintained to protect the well-being of employees. Employee’s targets and rewards will be set to ensure that quality will be given equal weighting with other Company objectives.

Our obligations to the shareholders are to:
– Be financially viable
– Conduct the business in an ethical manner

We will remain mindful of these obligations and ensure that business objectives reflect these considerations.

Statutory, regulatory and advisory bodies:
As Innovative Utilities (UK) Limited activities can impinge on the basic fabric of society (i.e. drinking water, waste disposal, gas supply, electricity supply, transport, etc) it is essential that legislation, regulation and guidance is understood and followed. We need to ensure that we maintain awareness of these requirements and monitor our activities to determine compliance. Additionally, wherever possible we aim to develop relationships with the bodies that control these requirements to maintain a thorough understanding of our obligations and provide the benefit of our experience.

We appreciate the benefits to be gained from effective supply chain management. As such we look to develop long-term, close working partnership arrangements with clients and suppliers alike. Thereby maximising efficiency and performance on all fronts through direct lines of communication and integrated working practices.

Society in general:
As an organisation we appreciate that we have responsibilities to the natural environment and to the general public. By playing our full part in society; giving people and their surroundings the respect they deserve, we believe there will be mutual benefits.

Integrated Policy - Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Innovative Utilities (UK) Ltd (the company) is committed to maintaining and continually improving health, safety, environment and quality standards within the business.

The Managing Director retains overall responsibility for health, safety, environment and quality compliance and will achieve this with the support of key personnel within the business.

He is accountable for the effectiveness and implementation of the Business Management System (BMS). He may delegate duties to others however he will retain overall responsibility.

He will ensure suitable and sufficient resources are provided to control and minimise the risk to employees and others who are engaged in or may be affected by the activities of the company. To assist in discharging this responsibility, more specific responsibilities will be delegated to the Management Team and other named individuals within the business Both management and employees are required to contribute to this objective by mutual cooperation, communication, consultation and observation and by working together to achieve the common goal of continual improvement. To achieve this the company shall:

  • Eliminate injury/accidents and work related ill-health by good working practices.
  • Develop and motivate employees to maximize their potential.
  • Identify, assess and control hazards relevant to our activities to ensure the well being of employees and others who may be affected by our work
  • Minimise our environmental impacts for the benefit of all persons
  • Minimise our use of natural resources to prevent pollution and minimise waste, where practicable and economically viable, by recovery and recycling.
  • Meet or exceed our Customers expectations and requirements.
  • Maintain good business relationships with the clients, the public and interested parties.
  • Continually improve the performance and effectiveness of our operating processes and integrated management system in conformance with current Health, Safety, Environment legislation and Quality standards by setting measurable objectives that are monitored and reviewed to determine effectiveness.
  • Communicate this policy and the results of our activities to employees and to Second and Third parties as appropriate.

The Director will ensure suitable and sufficient financial and physical resources are invested to monitor progress and to achieve success as are allocated to other business sectors.

This policy document is available at Head Office; the Company Website; Intranet and at each site for reference and will be reviewed annually further to consultation with employee representatives.