Pipe Bursting Rig Grundoburst 400g

in May 10, 2018
  • We have added another pipe bursting rig to our fleet of no dig plant – Grundoburst 400G.

    Innovative Utilities now have the largest fleet of pipe bursting rig with 5no pipe bursting rigs which is now the most in Scotland.

    Grundoburst 400G










    The Grundoburst 400G is a tried and tested, cost effective trenchless method for the bursting of existing mains up to 6” cast iron, UPVC, asbestos cement, clay, concrete, ductile Iron and steel.

    The system consists of a robust pipe bursting rig, hydraulic power unit, the Quicklock bursting rods and the accessory tooling package. The individual system components are matched for performance and safety.

    The Grundoburst is ready for action very quickly. The operation is simple with no skilful demands on the two operatives, which are the maximum required.

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